All children and their families
should have the food and care they need
to live, grow and be healthy.

Our aim is to provide support and care for our local communities, through providing nutritious food to families and school children at what can be a tough time.

We chose the word Nourish as it describes our goal – We want all children, and their families, to have the food and care they need to live, grow and be healthy.

Under the banner of Nourish, we provide hampers of food to families at Christmas, across the Wellington region.

Why donate to us?

We acknowledge that there are many amazing charities and organisations who work to support those in need across New Zealand.

We rely on the kindness and support from individuals and businesses. We ask that you to choose to support Nourish@Christmas as we work directly with our local schools to deliver food to school children and families.

Nourish is entirely volunteer based – this means that 100% of your donation goes straight into buying food for those in need.

There are no salaries, overheads or administrative costs so you’ll know your money is going where it is needed most.

As a registered charity, you can claim a tax rebate on every donation you make.

100% of your donation goes directly to families in need.

Nourish is run by Claire Turner and Gabe Ralph, who both grew up in the Wellington region. Now they are both raising families here and have seen first-hand the struggles that families go through to provide food for their families, especially at Christmas.

What started off as a simple idea to bring some sparkle to those who were doing it tough in their community has turned into a large-scale operation, with a huge number of volunteers helping them to make it happen.

Watch our video to find out more.


Claire Turner

I’m a mum to two boys, and spent my childhood growing up in Upper Hutt. My husband and I now raise our kids in Lower Hutt. We’re passionate about the idea of supporting people locally who might be having a hard time over the Christmas period, and setting up Nourish was a way to help make a difference for others.


Gabe Ralph

I’m a Mum to two girls, and together with my husband, I grew up in  in the Northern Suburbs and have lived here most of my life. I really struggle with knowing there are people in our local community who are under such pressure, not only at Christmas but throughout the year, to put food on the table for their kids.

We are a registered charity.

You can claim a tax rebate on any donations provided.

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